If life's about the journey, does it matter how many bathroom breaks you take along the way?

In the real world, I’m a broker with the Castle Pines, CO office of LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, with a background including 12 years of real estate experience and $400 million+ in completed transactions. If you’d like to see what pays the bills, click the image below and prepare to enter a veritable wonderland of power, greed, and lust.

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I’m also a married mother of three teenagers and I’m not above using their images, quotes, or likenesses to increase my traffic. Why? Because they’re teenagers, better prepared for a Play Station zombie apocalypse than their impending transition to adulthood. They deserve everything that comes their way via this blog because they’re way too busy taking selfies to pick their towels up off the floor.


Finally, I’m a Gemini, which is by far the coolest astrological sign in the zodiac. I’m a twin without a sister, the yin to my own yang, and I don’t have to share my clothes or fight over the bathroom. You’ll see the duality of my Gemininess expressed on this blog. Some posts are reflective, representing my daydreamer/stargazer/true believer in all things good perspective on life. Others are a little more shallow, because a small amount of superficiality can inspire readers, and hopefully you, to laugh.

As a real estate selling, teenager herding, dual-natured, pseudo-twin, I’m happy you’re here whether it’s by design or because you googled “1,000 tan babies” and somehow landed on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!


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