If life's about the journey, does it matter how many bathroom breaks you take along the way?

Everyone wants to be heard. When you really listen to another person (like, drop the cell phone, tune out your surroundings, serious eye contact kind of focus) whether it’s a spouse, friend, child, client, or stranger, you take a meaningful step toward making them feel important.

With this thought in mind the Challenge for Day Five is to ask someone’s opinion. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some hypothetical questions ripped straight from today’s headlines. Sort of.

1. “Is the U.S secretly attempting to bankrupt Russia’s economy with low gas prices or is some jokester in the Department of Energy really just trying to get Vladimir Putin to take off his shirt?

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” Image via

2. “Are you gonna get the new vaccine for that STD, gingivitis?”

This book is the gift that keeps on giving for the guy in your life who has it all. Image via Seriously.

3. “What do you think about ending all of the partisan politics in D.C. and making Las Vegas the capital of the United States?”

Winning ticket for 2016? Image via

4. “What do you think your limited edition, autographed Bill Cosby album is worth now?”

“and then I became…a sexual predator.” Image via

5. “What do you think about Obamacare?” (Just kidding. If you like your teeth, don’t ask anyone this question. Ever.)

“Whatevs dude. I paid for these myself.” Image via

So that’s it. Today’s task should be simple. Make it a point to let someone be heard because it’s a gift of grace, understanding, acceptance, and respect…four things we could all use a lot more of in this world.

* I googled “everyone wants to be heard” after I used it as my opening line, and apparently, it’s is a quote from Oprah’s last show. I didn’t see that show, but I love Oprah, so I’m hereby giving her credit for the quote and volunteering to pick up where she left off as the most loved person in America. If I also become insanely rich by doing this good deed? All the better.

** When I introduced the giving topic of the day to my children this morning, my selfie-oriented, Teen Vogue-obsessed middle child wanted to know if she could ask someone’s opinion of the outfit she’s wearing to school. This is not the kind of interactive engagement I’m looking for.

*** For those of you who are new to Gemini Girl in a Random World, I write in two distinct voices on this blog. I know, right? I’m totally creeped out too. Anyway, the snarkier side of my voice generally comes out when I’m writing late at night, when I need to take an emotional break from my softer side, when it’s that time of the month, or all of the above. So there.

I, Gemini Girl, have interrupted my non-existent programming to bring you the 25 Days of Giving Challenge. Please join me in my quest, over the next 25 days, to make people happy. I’ll share stories of giving escapades that will be sure to wow, delight, or at least not annoy anyone who chooses to participate. Each Day of Giving will be conveniently brought to you via email if you follow this blog. And if you’re already a follower? Pass it onto your friends. If we work together we can change the world, or at least dramatically improve my hit ratio.

9 thoughts on “25 Days of Giving Day Five: Ask Someone’s Opinion

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Another good one … and I suggest this caveat – Don’t ask with the premise that you get to pontificate as well. A friend of mine does that so he can say “Well, I’ll tell you what I think.”

  2. stellacastro says:

    Gabi was thinking of asking someone else’s opinion about her outfit too! 🙂

    1. OK, must be a tween thing. I was so bummed that she didn’t get the spirit of what I was asking. I was also bummed that she had on one of my long necklaces and didn’t ask. (*heavy sigh*).

      Thanks for stopping by, Stella. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

  3. Beth Markowski says:

    So? How ’bout them Broncos?


    Do you think I should start a coat drive? I have so many coats and we can’t seem to get the temps below 50 degrees so I’m thinking I should start unloading them. Whatcha think?

    1. How about a coat drive, but only if it’s a broncos coat? You’d get, like, 2. =p

  4. Laura says:

    Observations from this post: 1) that massive package between Roy’s legs will prevent his wings from performing a successful lift-off 2) I like both of your personalities. They should ask each other’s opinions all day long. That’s what I do, but with the dog. Sometimes she answers. 3) I love these daily doses of fun!

    1. Thank you Laura! I’m thinking Roy’s “package” is just another optical illusion but thankfully I’m not in a position (multiple level meaning right there) to find out. 😘

      1. Laura says:

        hi-LARIOUS you are, girl!

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