If life's about the journey, does it matter how many bathroom breaks you take along the way?

I know how to use my words, and when I’m angry, they quickly become weapons. There’s nothing like cutting someone down to build yourself up. It feels great. For about five seconds. Then the rush of self-righteous adrenaline that so efficiently fueled your vocabulary dump completely dissipates, and you’re left wondering what made you so mad in the first place. Even worse, your reflection in the mirror becomes distorted as you ask yourself, over and over, why the person staring back felt the need to be so mean.

The Task for Day 25 is to Say Something Nice. Period. If someone is rude to you? Walk away. When annoyance escalates to irritation? Take a deep breath. Avoid talking behind anyone’s back. For an entire day, compliment instead of criticize, then see how you feel at the end of it…up or down, happy or sad, empty or full. Not only will the world be better for your effort, I have a feeling I know where you’ll end up.

I, Gemini Girl, have interrupted my non-existent programming to bring you the 25 Days of Giving Challenge. Please join me in my quest, over the next 25 days, to make people happy. I’ll share stories of giving escapades that will be sure to wow, delight, or at least not annoy anyone who chooses to participate. Each Day of Giving will be conveniently brought to you via email if you follow this blog. And if you’re already a follower? Pass it onto your friends. If we work together we can change the world, or at least dramatically improve my hit ratio.

14 thoughts on “25 Days of Giving Day Sixteen: If You Can’t Say Something Nice Don’t Say Anything At All

  1. Beth Markowski says:

    Cock-A-Doodle- Doo!!!

    1. Don’t tell me you’re pulling an all-night decorating session, Beth. =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    My favorite “piece of art” in my house says – Be Nice or Leave. Does not always make me or my kids be nice, but at least makes me think about it.

  3. stellacastro says:

    I am so tempted to say something nasty right now to a specific person, in retaliation – but thanks to you, I will “take the high road” and write a nasty note (and send it to myself – just to get it out of my system). Thanks for getting my morning on the right track!

    1. Stella, you are such a great person. You get a double dose of praise for turning the other cheek. I know it’s hard based on my own personal experience trying, and sometimes failing, to do the same.

  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    A great rule to live by every day. Makes for much less conflict in life, too. 🙂

    1. I know this is what you do just by yoyr sweet nature, Carrie.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for these “Yuletide” blogs, Stacie. They are all the more poignant because I know you live the kindness you espouse. That sort of authenticity is a rare thing to be celebrated in our culture!

    1. What a sweet thing to say. I wish I could thank you personally, but you’re coming up as “someone” on the name ID. I’ll just call you Fairy Godmother for now. =)

  6. Laura says:

    Oh, if I could count the number if times I wielded wordweapons and regretted it 5 minutes or 5 days later…. A hard lesson to learn and still learning! I love your observations €-:

  7. D K Powell says:

    Sage advice here – something I try to live by though I’ve found that when you say nothing that isn’t nice even what you say which IS nice starts to be misconstrued as being not nice at times! There’s been a few times where I’ve had to say “if there is two ways to interpret what I’ve just said and one of them is offensive – I meant the other one!” :-/

    1. Ha! Good to clarify. Thanks for coming by and commenting DK!

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