If life's about the journey, does it matter how many bathroom breaks you take along the way?

Everyone loves a Cinderella story unless you’re the older, more experienced stepsister who, even though you’ve been around the block one too many times, are a little passive-aggressive and decidedly OCD, is used to getting your way.

Like you, I prefer to take the underdog’s side in just about everything in life. Except college basketball. That’s where I draw a really clear line.

I grew up in Louisville, KY, better known as ground zero for NCAA hoops. You won’t find any native of the state who says, “I really don’t care who wins when Louisville and Kentucky play each other every year. I’m just out here for the five-way chili cheese dogs, a mint julep, and a little bit of fun.”


Basketball in Kentucky is a blood sport, right up there with cockfights and whatever Michael Vick was doing in his backyard with innocent dogs. Veins course in either a bright shade of red or electric blue, and there’s no chance of a transfusion between the two. You’d rather die on the table than risk being infected with vital fluids of a fan from the other team. The Great Wall of China might as well be running along the rolling, bluegrass-covered hills of our sidewise state, because loyalty is embedded so deeply below the earth that not even Sarah Palin in a bikini with a machine gun could loosen it up.

This is not a real picture. But oh, how I wish it was. Image via

As I watched in disbelief when Lehigh University took it to Duke in the final minutes of the game last Friday night, I couldn’t help but flash back to a David and Goliath moment of my own, when Louisville played no-name Morehead State in the NCAA tournament last year. The game was in Denver, and having convinced my husband, Scot, that we should blow the money we’d set aside for a new washer and dryer on box seats, I was actually there. Front and center.

The first sign of trouble reared its head before the game actually began. As I settled in with a five-way chili cheese dog and ginormous Coors Light, I searched my section for a friendly, painted face, and noticed that nobody but me was wearing the requisite red and black. Since I was clearly gonna be responsible for leading section 148 in the U of L fight song, ushering the arena toward the cheers my mom sang to me when I was a baby, and starting the wave, I shotgunned the entire $20.00 beer I was holding and went back for another before the players even hit the court. I was literally buzzing in anticipation of the action, and in hindsight, blowing my t-shirt money on alcohol before it all started was a big mistake. Leadership can be stressful though, especially when you’re drunk.

Was Sarah Palin drunk or sober during the Vice Presidential debates? You be the judge. Image via

The second problem that day was the fans, and not just the annoying guy with the big bobble head sitting right in front of me in a Vandy hat. More on him in a minute. I’m talking about an arena full of thirty-something generation X whities in their khaki Dockers/Steinmart golf shirts/receding hairlines who’d kicked off work for the day because their buddy scored a free set of tickets. They didn’t even know who was on the court.

Morehead State? Is that, like, right next to Russia? Image via

If I was drinking a beer every ten minutes? Everyone else was doubling down as they high-fived each other and screamed with the wild abandon of 5th graders off their ADHD meds, “MORE HEAD MORE HEAD MORE HEAD!” Get it? More head? As in “Morehead State” chanted in a dirty way and nothing like the cheers my mom sang to me as a child. I mean, how do you compete with that? Nobody, and not even the ushers, were spelling C-A-R-D-S with me in my upper body, pseudo-Village People dance moves, and my team was handicapped right out of the gate.

So I got louder. I had the monumental task of carrying the entire arena, and probably city of Louisville for that matter, as the other guys scored basket after basket and that dude who now plays for the Nuggets started the painful process of taking us down. Destroying a team with multiple NCAA titles, a rock star coach who can get away with wearing white pimp clown suits on occasion, and an almost unpayable mortgage on a state-of-the-art arena isn’t easy. Being the only person under the glaring lights at an away game who’s cheering for the anointed ones (who everyone in the state of Colorado apparently now hates) isn’t easy either, and that’s where the bobble head guy comes in.

Image via

Vandy dude, with his invisalign braces and baseball-cap turned backwards in an “I’m not as old as I look” pathetic play on youth, was in the fortunate position of occupying the seat right in front of me and my big mouth during the game. As I ratcheted up the volume for my hometown team, he turned it on for that other school in Kentucky where you go when your grades aren’t good enough to get into WKU. Even though he was there for the next game being played and had no real skin exposed, by halftime he was turning around and nodding at me in an exaggerated white man’s overbite, can’t find the beat to the song expression of glee whenever the back-and-forth on the court went in the direction of Morehead State.

So I did what any self-respecting, organic produce buying, kettlebell throwing, member of the local library coalition, forty year-old, mother of three would do in the same situation.

I got in a fight.

Sarah Palin uses any words she can find, in random and non-sequential order, in a fight. Image via

Before the Louisville-Morehead State game, the last fight I started was at a bar in Chicago. I was about thirty and my husband and I were there with friends to see a Neil Diamond/Abba impersonator band: Thunder and Lightning. Thunder was this ancient dude with Grecian Formulaish hair and awesome, sparkly shirts, and Lightning was the girl/grandma, wearing machine gun jubblies and some kind of Renaissance Festival hat and gown. Anyway, you had to knock down about 34 drinks or so to really get into it. So I did.

Before I knew it I was dumping a full beer over some guy’s head who told me I looked like Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs. I have no idea why that bothered me at the time because I think she pretty much rocks. But whatever. Somehow aware in the shaky neuron misfiring of my brain that I was once slated to go to law school and naturally possessed the rabid mind of an attorney, I didn’t actually crack the glass bottle onto his head. Instead, I poured it over him with an exaggerated motion: like I was slugging a clogged bottle of ketchup. I had pretty much emptied the whole thing and was going back for round two when the bouncer threw me over his shoulder and dumped me out the door and into a cold, dark alley. But at least I wasn’t in the back of a cop car. I didn’t even get to hear the Cracklin’ Rose/SOS duet.

It felt like déjà vu as the clock ticked down at the Pepsi Center, the six true Morehead State fans in the house plus 20,000 drunk pharmaceutical salesmen erupted into deafening applause, and the Vandy dude turned around and pointed his finger in my face. Yes. He was in my face in the same way that you would nail a dodgeball at your lab partner’s head in 4th grade and yell, “In your face!

I turned to look Scot in the eye, he shook his head back and forth in a “please do not embarrass me again” appeal toward any shred of rational thought left in my body as he rolled up his sleeves to defend me, I shrugged my shoulders, bared my teeth, and attacked.

Sarah Palin uses a lot of whitening products. Image via the

Luckily my husband was sober, grabbed me by the hair as I flew, no, tumbled into the air in an Angelina Joliesque cat move intended to crush the dude with the big head, and took me down. My dream of connecting my heel to Vandy dude’s face was destroyed by Scot’s quick reflexes, and instead I ended up flat on my back as he commandeered the keys to the SUV. I had to be in carpool line within the hour to get the kids and nobody really wants to deal with a drunk, crying basketball mom crashing onto the sidewalk and taking the kindies down one-by-one.

So what am I trying to say? I’m not really sure, except it sucks a lot more to go down as Goliath than David.  Lehigh University and Morehead State were just happy to be at the dance. Teams like Duke, Kentucky, and Louisville are supposed to be the prom queens, and when you lose to that girl who stole your boyfriend? It hurts.

23 thoughts on “The Other Side of David Versus Goliath or Why I Actually Feel Bad for Duke Fans and Will Cut You for My Team

  1. Barry Paschal says:

    Remind me never to get you drunk, or angry, or both…!

    1. Don’t worry, Barry. I save my wrath for non-family members. Otherwise you’d tell my dad. =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    No longer a Dukie since the separation – but yeah, that game stung… And kudos to Scot for not threatening to leave you (and did you know him yet in Chicago?) 🙂

    1. Yes, he’s been with me since 1993. We Gemini are crazy, but we have our charms too. Thanks for the comment!

  3. crubin says:

    So YOU’RE the one I’m staring at in amazement whenever I go to a Cavalier’s game. Or your doppelganger, anyway. So glad you didn’t have your candy cane shiv with you!

    Great post! Thanks for the laughs. 🙂

    1. Scot keeps the candy cane shiv locked away with my brass knuckles and nunchucks just in case. Thanks for posting a comment that made ME laugh, Carrie. I always love it when you stop by!

  4. From what I’ve been hearing Duke fans actually half expected to be upset, as they weren’t very high on the team to begin with….at least for this year.

    Frankly I was quite happy as the SG “Dartboard” had picked the upset and Lehigh going to the finals…it could have happened. Not.

    1. Lehigh in the finals…that would be a Cinderella story for the record books. Thanks for stopping by, Jed. I love your blog…great commentary on sports and awesome food in the same place. Any chance you have a good recipe for five way chili?

  5. Kathy says:

    If it makes you feel any better- Susan got removed from the Yum Center during the UK game Thursday night, and we won!

    1. That’s so funny. She’s one of the biggest UK fans on the planet. I’ll have to ask her what happened via FB. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Kathy, I hope all is well!

  6. brains says:

    i wish palin would just get it overwith, pose for playboy, and call it a day.

    1. The thought of SP as the June centerfold scares me a lot less than it should. Thanks for commenting and following!

      1. brains says:

        thanks for writing something worth reading.

  7. “So I did what any self-respecting, organic produce buying, kettlebell throwing, member of the local library coalition, forty year-old, mother of three would do in the same situation.”

    Bobble-head had no idea who he was messing with:)
    I love your real-life stories – you tell them as well you make them. So funny.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment, Tris. Right back ‘atcha!

  8. sweetmother says:

    ok, there is so much that is good about this. so much. i mean, visalign braces and pharmaceutical salesrep, ugh!, so good. so enjoyable, between your words and the sara palin slideshow i was practically levitating. loved it. it’s better than a freshly pressed. it’s a ‘decently ironed’. you’ll have to go to my blog to understand that one…he, he. always good, stacie, always fun. and your words always make me smile. – mother

    1. I’m on my way over to see your decently ironed post. Love your visits. =)

  9. I think the moral of this story is that we need to hang out. I’m not sure that I’d be much of an asset in a fight (my badassness is mainly in my head) but I’m pretty sure that if we were in the same venue at the same time there would be a pretty entertaining story to tell.

    1. No doubt. I love any excuse to get on a plane (sans kids) with my Us Magazine and cute little airplane bottles of Maker’s Mark, so name a place and I’ll be there. Make sure to bring your brass knuckles just in case.

  10. bronxboy55 says:

    Your writing is amazing, as always, Stacie. I struggled to pick out my favorite lines, because there were too many. Maybe this: “Anyway, you had to knock down about 34 drinks or so to really get into it. So I did.”

    But twenty dollars for a beer? Not possible. Is it?

    1. I love when you stop by Charles, ALMOST as much as I love reading your stuff. You’re right, $20.00 per beer is a little inflated. They were more like $18.00 each. =)

      Thank you for your continued support and right back ‘atcha.

  11. Jen says:

    Stacie – We share the same fierce loyalty to our sports teams as well as men who drag us away from confrontation with opposing fans. I’d have your back against that Vandy bandwagon jumper! Next time I have Red Wings tickets, you’re my date. PS. Louisville’s gonna win this year!

    1. Love your optimism and willingness to fight for your team (and mine), Jen. Also love that you’re backing Louisville. My little brother is in New Orleans right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if HE got into a fight while there. It’s cooler when girls fight though, especially white suburban moms. I try to tell him that, but he doesn’t listen. Thanks for stopping by and GO CARDS!

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